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Hydro Drain Cleaner

As the name implies, this handy drain cleaner will allow you to get into drains to eliminate fruit flies, gnats, drain flies, or any other pest that would use the area as a breeding ground. A long shaft with firm bristle brush on the end is securely welded to our Mini nozzles providing a long extension to loosen eggs and other debris in the drain, allowing the powerful spray of the nozzle to flush them away. The unit also has side flushing ports to clean the piping. This is a powerful tool to help keep drains clean.

Nozzle Extensions

Our 76 Series nozzle extensions were designed initially for the meat-packing industry but had many practical uses for other industries. Each extension comes with a bundled water-saving Mini nozzle and up to 3 feet of extension for hard-to-reach places. The curved-headed extensions come with two interchangeable heads – one for adjusting the water stream and the other for a fan spray.


No matter what type of hose you have, we have you covered on adapters. Our standard swivel adapters are offered in brass or stainless and cover standard hose sizes, including garden hose and barb end varieties. Our innovative stainless Swivel-Pro features an exclusive design that allows your nozzle's circular, horizontal, and vertical movements without repositioning heavy hose for ergonomic value. This full-range motion maximizes your comfort and safety. It is available in black or white.